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City Solicitor

Contact Us

110 West 44th Street

Ashtabula OH 44004

(440) 992-7101

(440) 998-6308 (Fax)


Cecilia M. Cooper, Esq

City Solicitor

Phone:  (440) 992-7101
Fax:  (440) 998-6308


Lori B. Lamer, Esq.

Assistant Solicitor

 Julie Vencill

Executive Secretary

The City Solicitor is the attorney for the City, and the legal advisor to the elected and appointed officials of the City in the performance of their official duties. The City Solicitor and Assistant Solicitor are the prosecutors in the Ashtabula Municipal Court. The City Solicitor prepares ordinances and resolutions, and reviews and approves all contracts with the City for legal form and correctness.


The City Solicitor is elected every four years.

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