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The Housing Division is responsible for all residential housing within the city limits. Our Housing Inspector is responsible for conducting all inspections of rental units in the city on a yearly basis, exterior inspections of owner occupied residents, and regular code enforcement of the City Ordinances.

The Housing Division is also responsible for ensuring that all properties are registered with the City and maintained up to quality standards, not only per City code, but also by International Property Maintenance Standards, whether they are Owner Occupied, vacant structures or rental units. Both sections can be found in the paragraph below, as well as, our main page and are very specific of the areas we look at to achieve compliance.

If you are a landlord, you must follow our rental guidelines and register your property, pay a yearly Occupancy Permit fee and have the property inspected to make sure it is maintained up to code as specified in Chapter 13 of the City of Ashtabula Codified Ordinance, as well as the IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code). (A copy of that ordinance can also be found on our main Planning & Community Development Page.)


To register your property as a rental unit, you can email us at with the address of the property, the owner’s name, address, and phone number. If the owner of the property resides more than 25 miles from the property, a local agent or contact will need to be assigned as well. We will then register the property as a rental and mail you the appropriate documentation back to complete the process.


To register your property as a Vacant Building/Structure, you can fill out the required documents for below and return them to our office with all requested documentation and fees. Failure to register a vacant property and required documentation and fees will result in criminal charges as stated in Section 1369 of the City of Ashtabula Codified Ordinance.

Choose from any of the necessary documents below. Once the page opens, you will be able to fill out the form and print it or save it locally to your computer and email it back to us.

Fair Housing

For more information please contact Amy Coursen or by calling (440) 992-7154.

Ohio Civil Rights Commission
615 West Superior
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Here is a guide to provide general information for a basic understanding of landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities.

Fair Housing
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