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4250 Lake Ave.

Ashtabula OH 44004

(440) 992-7104

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Unpaid Tax Notices from the Ohio Attorney General

Some City residents can expect to receive an unpaid tax notice mailed to them if they have not already received one from the Ohio Attorney General’s office.


The City of Ashtabula’s Finance Department has entered into an agreement with the Ohio Attorney General’s office to collect delinquent debt per the city’s codified ordinance no. 2023 – 06, available on the city’s website. Since the City’s Tax Department has been receiving questions from the recipients asking if the letter is a scam, the city is putting out this public notice to express to the city residents the need to comply with the letters and mail their payment to:


Ohio Attorney General

PO Box 89471

Cleveland, OH 44101-6471


Please note: Do not send payment intended for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, as the city cannot process those payments and can cause your payment to be late. If their question cannot be answered by the Ohio Attorney General’s office at 888-871-8838, they may call the Tax Office for further assistance at 440-992-7104.

Filing Deadline:
The City of Ashtabula Tax Department follows the State of Ohio in setting tax filing and payment deadlines. In line with the State of Ohio, the 2023 City Municipal Tax filing deadline is April 15, 2024.

Extended Office Hours:

The Income Tax Department hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. On Thursday April 11th, Friday April 12th and Monday April 15th, hours will be 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

If you need assistance with your City of Ashtabula return:
You can drop off your tax information at our SEWER DROP BOX located in the rear of our building. Our team will then prepare your return, contact you with results, and mail a copy of the prepared return for your records. This service remains free of charge.

Online filing and payment

You can now file and pay your City income taxes online using the below links. If you have never filed City income taxes before, you must first register with the City by calling (440) 992-7104 or by sending an email to


Your Tax ID# is your social security number. Please follow the directions to login to the system.

All Residents over 18 must file a tax return, even when no tax is due. Schedule C or Schedule E losses CANNOT offset W2 income. Copies of any schedule must be attached to the return for it to be processed.

A balance due of under $10.00 does not need to be remitted. No amounts $10.00 and under will be refunded.

As long as documentation of all income is provided, we do accept generic forms.

The City of Ashtabula’s Tax Rate is 1.8%. The City allows a 50% tax credit of up to .9% on other City withholding taxes paid.


Bed Tax

The City of Ashtabula has entered into an agreement with the Ashtabula County Commissioner to collect the local lodging tax on our behalf, to streamline the collection process. All lodging establishments should register, report and remit local and county lodging tax with MuniRevs. If you have questions please contact Jamie Arcaro, Lodging Tax Administrator at 440-576-3748.


CLICK HERE for the MuniRevs website.

Federal Extension Information

An extension may be requested by any business or individual unable to complete their tax return by the deadline.  IRS extension forms are available on the IRS website

Beginning with tax year 2016, obtaining a federal extension will automatically extend your City of Ashtabula due date to the approved federal due date (usually October 15th).  However, the federal government does not share information with the City of Ashtabula, so it is strongly recommended that a copy of the federal extension form be attached to the extended return when filed.


An extension of time to file is NOT an extension of time to pay.  Payment of any balance due must accompany a request for extension to file.  Penalty and interest are charged for late payment of taxes. See chapter 191.094 of the Ashtabula Codified Ordinances.

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