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The Engineering Division is responsible for many of the City’s projects, such as street repairs, paving, sewer repairs, street cuts & excavations, and Sewer Tap-ins. If you are in need of a permit related to a building or engineering project, you will be able to access them on this page, fill them out and return them to our office for review and approval. The prices for permits vary depending on the project.

The Ashtabula County Building Department in Jefferson, Ohio issues all Building & Demolition Permits for the city. If you will be in need of a Building Permit, you will need to first fill out a zoning permit. Upon approval, you will take this permit to the Building Department in Jefferson for the Building Permit. You will not need a zoning permit for a demolition permit. The number for the Building Deparment in Jefferson is: 440-576-3737.

Any new construction, or construction that will involve the need for a plumbing or electrical inspection will require a building permit and the inspection will be conducted by the County Building Inspector in Jefferson.

Applications for Permits Needed:

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